• CLS plaintiffs

    Aceh’s Citizen Lawsuit: A Protracted Tug-of-war Over the Future of the Leuser Ecosystem

    An alliance of concerned citizens has mobilised in response to the Government of Aceh’s legalization of the Spatial Land Use Plan in 2013, a plan which entirely dissolves the protection of the Leuser Ecosystem. The highly contested Spatial Plan makes no mention of the existence of the forest as a

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  • orangutanday600330

    Ketambe Research Station reopened

    Ketambe Research Station is the first orangutan research station in the world and was built by Dr. Herman D. Rikjsen, a Dutch researcher, in 1971. Nestled in the heart of the Leuser Ecosystem in Aceh Tenggara the Ketambe Research Station continues to be a site of natural wonder and beauty. It

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  • IMG_8225 M

    Historic legal case for the Leuser Ecosystem’s Tripa Peat Swamps finally won against palm oil company PT Kallista Alam

    After 3 tough years the Tripa case has been won!! Our team is thrilled here to see justice finally served to this company found guilty of deliberately burning peatlands in 2012! The blood, sweat and tears of so many incredible people went into the #savetripa journey. For our part of that journey as

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  • featured_tree-planting

    Seeds of hope for Aceh Tamiang elephant corridor

    On Sunday 10th May local high school students visited the Aceh Tamiang restoration site in the Leuser Ecosystem to lend a hand in replanting trees where a great forest once stood. This protected area of forest was destroyed to make way for illegal oil palms. Thanks to our supporters and the collaboration

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  • featured_road KEL

    Roads to destruction

    A recent study in PLOS One reveals the alarming threats road construction plans pose for Southeast Asia’s endangered mammals. One of the road plans identified by experts as a dangerous contributor to habitat conversion and illegal hunting was the Ladia Galaska road plan criss-crossing through the Leuser Ecosystem. If this road

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