• Aceh’s Citizen Lawsuit: A Protracted Tug-of-war Over the Future of the Leuser Ecosystem

    An alliance of concerned citizens has mobilised in response to the Government of Aceh’s legalization of the Spatial Land Use Plan in 2013, a plan which entirely dissolves the protection of the Leuser Ecosystem. The highly contested Spatial Plan makes no mention of the existence of the forest as a National Strategic Area for environmental […]

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  • Farwiza won Whitley Award 2016

    Winner of the 2016 Whitley Awards: Farwiza Farhan

    “The threat of floods, landslides, drought and other natural disasters is a very real threat. We hope that members of government will open their hearts and minds and see these demands for what they are… We do this because it’s important for us, for the people of Aceh and for future generations,” said Farwiza Farhan. […]

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  • Seeds of hope for Aceh Tamiang elephant corridor

    On Sunday 10th May local high school students visited the Aceh Tamiang restoration site in the Leuser Ecosystem to lend a hand in replanting trees where a great forest once stood. This protected area of forest was destroyed to make way for illegal oil palms. Thanks to our supporters and the collaboration of local authorities, NGOs and […]

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