• Farwiza won Whitley Award 2016

    Winner of the 2016 Whitley Awards: Farwiza Farhan

    “The threat of floods, landslides, drought and other natural disasters is a very real threat. We hope that members of government will open their hearts and minds and see these demands for what they are… We do this because it’s important for us, for the people of Aceh and for future generations,” said Farwiza Farhan. […]

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  • Roads to destruction

    A recent study in PLOS One reveals the alarming threats road construction plans pose for Southeast Asia’s endangered mammals. One of the road plans identified by experts as a dangerous contributor to habitat conversion and illegal hunting was the Ladia Galaska road plan criss-crossing through the Leuser Ecosystem. If this road plan continues, the result by […]

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  • 141 organisations, 1 voice: Cancel the Aceh spatial plan!

    In a huge logistical effort with less that 48 hours notice, 32 different civil society organisations were represented at a meeting in Jakarta on Wednesday with senior Indonesian government officials, including 20 from Aceh. They presented an open letter to the President of Indonesia signed by 141 local, national and international groups from around the world […]

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