A Conservation Photographer on Patrol


We have a rare opportunity for Paul Hilton to join one of our Aceh Ranger Patrol teams as they safeguard the forest from poaching. With your help Paul can show the world our rangers’ efforts as they remove snare traps set in trees and the forest floor before they can kill deer, tigers, elephants and the other threatened species the poachers are targeting.

Rangers find more traps in 2014

In the year of 2013 Ranger Patrol teams found and destroyed 127 snare traps. In the first 4 months of 2014, the rate has tripled with teams already finding and destroying 139 snares. In the weeks before the religious month of Ramadan field data shows poaching and placing of snare traps increases even further, so now is an opportune time to invite conservation photographer Paul Hilton to join our team and show the critical role of our rangers in saving and protecting Aceh’s threatened wildlife.

Dismantling traps is a challenging and dangerous work.

We know that tiger and elephant poaching in particular are on the rise. The role of our Aceh Ranger Patrol teams is to prevent it from taking place in as many areas as we can afford to mobilise teams, by dismantling any traps that they find. This is successful but challenging and dangerous work. It is also unseen work. We want to bring Paul along on patrol so that his photographs can speak to the world to encourage further support for our rangers in order to save the threatened wildlife of the Leuser Ecosystem.

Any donations received will first contribute towards the logistics costs of Paul joining the patrol, and would be greatly appreciated as the team is already operating on a very limited budget. Further contributions can be made to sponsor the activities of the Ranger Patrol teams.

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