Petition Delivery Urging Palm Oil Company to Pay Fines

HAkA and several civil society organisations delivered a petition to the Meulaboh State Court today urging them yet again to execute the verdict against palm oil company PT Kallista Alam for illegally burning 1000 hectares of peat swamp forest inside the Tripa Peat Swamp – formerly known as the “Orangutan Capital of the World”.

Since the Supreme Court verdict was announced in 2015, the palm oil company continues to ignore paying the fines and restoring Tripa, which to adds massively to the state loss and leaving the community and environment to suffer. NGOs and the Law Enforcement of Ministry of Environment and Forestry continues to push for the state court to execute the verdict as soon as possible.

HAkA created a petition, that reached 219 thousand signatures all demanding justice for this terrible environmental crime. The reparations of IDR 366 billion IDR (approximately USD 26 million) to the state treasury and restoration of Tripa still have not yet been paid. The petition was received warmly by representative of the State Court. The newly-appointed head of the Meulaboh state court responded positively, stating that he appreciates all the support to execute the verdict and the court will continue to pressure PT. Kallista Alam to pay their fines.

The fight is not over. We also would like to thank all our supporters who refuse to stay quiet while the law is abused and we will keep fighting together until justice is served for Tripa and the Leuser Ecosystem!

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