Environmental Lawyer Training

HAkA conducted Environmental Law Training to 25 Acehnese advocates and lawyers in collaboration with the Indonesian Advocates Association Aceh (DPC Peradi) and Environmental Defenders Association (P2LH). This training is a collaboration initiative of these three organisations in hope to increase capacity in environmental law of lawyers and advocates in Aceh and inspire other lawyers to protect the environmental rights.

The training was held for 3 days, and was designed to increase the capacity of local lawyers and advocates to assist with solving environmental issues. Aceh is a province rich in resources that often leads to conflict and exploitation that negatively impacts local communities and the environment. In parallel with fighting each case of exploitation as it comes, we hope to sew the seeds of long-term change by connecting Acehnese lawyers and advocates.

The participants of the training viewed the training very positively, noting that the training provided lots of additional insights and experience for them. The participants are also now part of the Environmental Defenders Associations (P2LH), an association of lawyers all over Aceh active in advocating for environmental issues. The increase in lawyers and advocates capacities on environmental law shows a great future for the environment of Aceh!


Participants of the Environmental Lawyer Training


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