Car Free Day

On the 16th of December, HAkA sponsored a Car Free Day event in Banda Aceh to raise awareness about how to reduce pollution and about our efforts to protect the Leuser Ecosystem and how everyone can take part in doing so. The event was held as one of our campaign initiative to attract the Acehnese, especially the youth, to take more of a part in voicing environmental concerns, especially on the Leuser Ecosystem.

The event was a huge success, with around 1000 people from Banda Aceh attending. There were many activities going on throughout the day, ranging from a mini-concert by a local band, Apache13, to a drawing competition for kindergartens. The event was attended by the mayor and vice mayor of Banda Aceh, Aminullah Usman and Zainal Arifin respectively. During the event, HAkA’s chairperson, Farwiza Farhan, got on stage to talk about the cause The HAkA booth also attracted many young people who were very interested in knowing more about the Leuser Ecosystem and how they can get involved.


The Leuser Ecosystem is key to sustaining prosperous livelihoods and a healthy environment for the people of Aceh because it provides ecosystem services like clean water, carbon storage, disaster mitigation, pest mitigation and many more. The protection of the Leuser Ecosystem is key for the future of Aceh, and the hope is that many will take action to protect it!

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