Pulau Bangkaru is an uninhabited island off the Southwest coast of Aceh. It boasts one of the world’s leading nesting sites for the green (Endangered) and leatherback (Critically Endangered) turtles. Pulau Bangkaru is also the last island in Indonesia with intact primary rainforest.

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Conservation efforts on Pulau Bangkaru have been ongoing since 1994 when a program was initiated to protect the main turtle nesting beach. An estimated 10,000 turtle eggs were being poached each month prior to daily patrolling of the area, which effectively halted poaching activities. The presence of turtle rangers also managed to stop illegal logging of the rainforests of Pulau Bangkaru. HAkA’s goal is to continue these efforts and ensure that the conservation achievements on Pulau Bangkaru are secured indefinitely.

Key program outputs include daily patrolling of the turtle-nesting beach to:

  1. Clean up rubbish that could deter turtles from coming ashore to nest
  2. Discourage turtle egg poachers and illegal loggers
  3. Collect data on turtle populations to monitor program success and inform marine conservation policy

The program also supports the government of Aceh to manage tourism activities at Pulau Bangkaru for the benefit of local communities and biodiversity conservation.

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