HAkA supports Wildlife Protection Teams managed by the Leuser Conservation Forum (FKL) in the most important forest areas across the Leuser Ecosystem. These teams consist of 4-5 highly trained and dedicated rangers. The rangers are our guardians on the ground, directly protecting the Leuser Ecosystem from encroachment, illegal logging and poaching.


Each Wildlife Protection Team spends at least 15 days per month patrolling the forest by day and sleeping in tents by night. The rangers destroy the traps, snares and poisoned baits that they find set for wildlife and prevent the destruction of forests.

Cooperation with communities

As well as these core activities on the ground, a critical aspect of the job of a ranger is to spend time building relationships with and awareness of conservation issues among local communities and local authorities. Empowering local people to develop sustainable livelihoods is an important means of conserving this ecosystem for future generations to come. Many of our ranger activities cannot be successful without cooperation from local communities and authorities. It’s through these relationships that our team can facilitate law enforcement.

More teams needed

As of 2018 we have 23 Wildlife Protection Teams operating on the frontline of conservation across the Leuser Ecosystem. HAkA urgently needs funds to deploy far more teams to really cover a significant extent of the vast Leuser Ecosystem.