HAkA is an Aceh based NGO. Our name stands for Hutan, Alam dan Lingkungan Aceh (Forest, Nature and Environment of Aceh).

Our Mission

HAkA strives for a stronger and healthier Aceh. We believe this is created through an empowered civil society whose members contribute to the wellbeing of the province by participating in activities that enhance environmental function to provide clean air, water and earth and to sustain forest, river and ocean. Protecting and restoring all of these elements is vital for community development and will result in a safer, more stable and peaceful Aceh that will benefit generations to come.

Our Vision

Our vision is the long-term health of Aceh Province – socially, financially and environmentally. The vision is based on scientific evidence of environmental functions and identification of what nature needs to survive and prosper. Scientific assessment of the environment underpins our social and political analyses of how to bring people together to act to enhance as opposed to destroy environmental function. This integrated approach drives our campaigns and is evident in our landscape protection and restoration projects.

HAkA recognises that the unique natural processes that drive our landscapes operate over great distances and long periods. This means we need to think big when we are planning for future nature conservation in Aceh, and appreciate interconnections with neighbouring ecosystems.

HAkA office

Banda Aceh, Indonesia