• Last Place on Earth Challenge

    We thanks Orangutan Odysseys for running the The Last Place on Earth Challenge in August. The mission: to raise awareness and funds for the Leuser Ecosystem, the last place on earth where orangutans, tigers, elephants, and rhinos co-exist in the wild. The brave and hardy participants came from all over the world including Indonesia, Australia […]

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  • Featured_Save Leuser with Leo

    Leonardo DiCaprio Visits the Leuser Ecosystem

      The Leuser Ecosystem is threatened by invasive oil palm plantations, logging and road developments, but recognition of its irreplaceable value is growing among Indonesian and global audiences In March actor and activist Leonardo DiCaprio visited the Leuser Ecosystem which will feature on his upcoming documentary on climate change. The visit allowed us to share our vision […]

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  • Aceh’s Citizen Lawsuit: A Protracted Tug-of-war Over the Future of the Leuser Ecosystem

    An alliance of concerned citizens has mobilised in response to the Government of Aceh’s legalization of the Spatial Land Use Plan in 2013, a plan which entirely dissolves the protection of the Leuser Ecosystem. The highly contested Spatial Plan makes no mention of the existence of the forest as a National Strategic Area for environmental […]

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