• Farwiza won Whitley Award 2016

    Winner of the 2016 Whitley Awards: Farwiza Farhan

    “The threat of floods, landslides, drought and other natural disasters is a very real threat. We hope that members of government will open their hearts and minds and see these demands for what they are… We do this because it’s important for us, for the people of Aceh and for future generations,” said Farwiza Farhan. […]

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  • Ketambe Research Station reopened

    Ketambe Research Station is the first orangutan research station in the world and was built by Dr. Herman D. Rikjsen, a Dutch researcher, in 1971. Nestled in the heart of the Leuser Ecosystem in Aceh Tenggara the Ketambe Research Station continues to be a site of natural wonder and beauty. It is estimated that no less […]

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  • Historic legal case for the Leuser Ecosystem’s Tripa Peat Swamps finally won against palm oil company PT Kallista Alam

    After 3 tough years the Tripa case has been won!! Our team is thrilled here to see justice finally served to this company found guilty of deliberately burning peatlands in 2012! The blood, sweat and tears of so many incredible people went into the #savetripa journey. For our part of that journey as a member of the TKPRT we […]

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